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About Us

The principal osteopath at Newton Osteopathy is Phil McGucken. Phil trained at the prestigious British College of Osteopathic Medicine, qualifying in 2001 with a BSc (Hons) in Osteopathic Medicine. Since then Phil has worked in a variety of clinics in the north west of England treating a wide range of patients from children to the elderly. Phil has also undertaken a variety of post graduate courses, including a Post Graduate Certificate in Sports Injury at Manchester Metropolitan University.

What is osteopathy?


Osteopathy is a method of detecting and treating areas of the body that are causing discomfort. Such problems often arise when the alignment of the body is compromised, e.g. when muscles tighten or joints cease to move freely. On other occasions injuries result from one off incidents such as falls, car accidents, sports injuries etc. In these cases too, osteopathy may be particularly beneficial, not just in treating the acute symptoms, but also in addressing underlying factors that might otherwise prevent the injured area from returning to its full working order.


Do I need to be referred by my Doctor?


No. Whilst some patients may be referred to an osteopath by a GP or practice nurse, the majority are self referred.


What should I expect when visiting an osteopath?


At your initial consultation with the osteopath you will be asked about the area that is causing you problems, and also some questions about your medical background. You will then usually be asked to perform a few gentle movements and the osteopath may carry out some tests, such as checking your reflexes for example. You may be asked to remove some outer clothing in order that the osteopath can assess the area of complaint. These procedures help the osteopath to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and decide upon a suitable course of treatment. This will typically consist of a combination of massage and mobilisation. Sometimes the osteopath may gently manipulate some of the body's joints in order to help them move freely. Advice may also be given regarding posture and exercise, as well as other lifestyle factors.


How many treatments will I require?


This all depends upon the type of injury, and of course the individual patient. Patients may often only require a couple of treatments, whilst some injuries or conditions may take longer. Three to four treatments is an approximate average.


Where is Newton Osteopathy?


The clinic is located at 3 Fairclough Street, WA12 9QF. Please consult the map below to find our location, or please contact us for more detailed instructions. There is a free car park just across the road.

Can I use private medical insurance for my treatment?

We are covered by most major medical insurance companies. Please check with your insurer however.



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